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Joan Massós Duran

Joan Massós Duran was the co-founder of ‘Industrial Bolsera’ which had just over 120 employees in the mid 30’s in Sant Feliu de Guíxols.

Enric Massós Valls

Enric Massós Valls took over the company becoming the C.E.O. & shareholder of ‘Industrial Bolsera until 1964 when he founded Carabela. He invented and developed paper machinery and at the same time represented various brands throughout the country.

Enric Massós Naval

Enric Massós Naval established Carabela in the national market for 40 years enhancing the variety of stationery items as well as the number of clients. Currently involved in the company as the C.F.O.

Enric Massós Alsina

Enric Massós Alsina currently in charge of Carabela Papers S.C., has been able to put the name of the company in the European market. Over a 100 stationery items are manufactured & delivered with clear intentions of creating a lot more in the upcoming future.