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Cava & Drinking Glasses

Cava Glass & Drinking Glasses with sticky colored numbers. 8 units per pack.

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New Gift Tags

Swan Tags with thread

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New Releases soon

New Stationery items coming up within the next few weeks.

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Colored Envelopes available now in more than 25 colors.

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Colored Envelopes in 80Grs

Colored Envelopes in 80Grs. From small sizes up to A4. Various colors, sizes and packaging. Also sold invidually. One/Assorted colors boxed.

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A4 Sheet in 160Grs

New A4 Sheet in 160Grs. White/Natural color in stock. Sold individually.

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Wedding Envelopes

Wedding Envelopes available now in 51 designs plus 6 sizes in stock. 1unit per-pack including a colored decorated card. One/Assorted designs boxed.

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Merry Christmas & Happy 2015

Carabela Manipulats de Paper wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Colored Envelopes in 80Grs

From Mini Size up to A4

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A4/A3 Diploma

A4/A3 Diploma available now in stock in various designs/Colors & shapes. For further info go to: Products/Diploma.

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Butterflies in Tissue Paper

Butterflies in Tissue Paper available now in 25 colors. 300units per-pack. One/Assorted colors boxed.

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Colored mixed numbers in Cardboard

Colored mixed numbers in Cardboard. 25 colors available. One/Assorted colors/Numbers boxed. Metallic version also available in 4 colors (Nacre/Green/Red & Orange)For further info go to Products/Confet[...]

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Party Table Decorations 19mm

Party Table decorations in 240Grs Cardboard. Available now in various shapes & colors. For further info go to: Products/Confetti 19mm.

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Tissue Paper Hearts

Tissue Paper Hearts available now in 25 colors.

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Handmade Envelopes

Handmade envelopes delivered with a decorated colored cardboard. 1 unit per pack. Wide range of designs (100 roughly). Sizes starting from Mini up to A4. For further info: Products/ Envelope Section '[...]

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Multi-Shaped Glitter

Multi-Shaped Glitter available now in Stars/Hearts/Half-Moons/Nacre/Black/Hexagonal and Squared. One/Assorted design boxed.

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Colored Tissue Paper

Colored Tissue Paper in a 3unit pack. 25 Colors available in stock including metallic Golden and Silver colors.

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Handmade Paper Bags

Handmade Paper Bags available now in various sizes & designs. 1unit per-PACK. One/Assorted boxed.

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Coloured Gift Tags

Colored Gift tags available now in 25 colors. One/Assorted boxed.

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Metallic/ Color Party Table Decorations

New Party Table decorations available now in 7 Colors. (Plain Color/Metallic)

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Over a 125 Stationery Items

Carabela currently offers over a 125 Stationery Items found in this Website.

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Ask for your Carabela Folder

New Carabela Folder in which you will find the new updated 2013/14 catalogue in CD-USB Format.

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Gift Tags with handmade thread

New Gift Tags with handmade thread available in 3 sizes. All tags in cream color & sold in 6units per pack.

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Follow us on Twitter

For more info follow us on Twitter: @CarabelaM

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New Decorated Gift Tags

New Decorated Gift Tags now available in 20 colors plus 4 designs on the market from this May. 180Grs of colorful cardboard used in each pack. 6units per-pack.

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New colored Tags

New Colored decorated tags available now in 20 colors. Find out more at Products/Labels/Price Tags.

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Carabela Catalogue USB

Ask for the new updated catalogue available now in CD-USB format or download it through our website.

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New stationery items by the beginning of 2013

Carabela Manipulats de Paper, C.B. is glad to announce the release of new items by the beginning of January 2013 and will keep creating new ones over this year.

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New website

Carabela Manipulats de Paper releases its new Website which will be fully updated in the upcoming days. For further information do not hesitate to contact us by Phone/Fax/e-mail. Please accept our apo[...]

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